A 'good' carpet has a long lifespan, and it is well suited to the space in which it is installed. In addition to superior durability and functionality, color shades, texture, type of fiber, and carpet pile are some factors to consider when comparing brands. There's a great selection of carpeting at DJ Floors & Remodeling, a carpet store in Elkridge, Maryland.


Nylon has been the go-to carpet fiber for many decades. You can expect it to retain its original look for many years regardless of the room it's in. Triexta is a newer fiber proving to be highly durable, too. Choose more costly wool for a master bedroom or brightly colored polyester for areas with little traffic.

Carpet pile

A high-quality carpet will generally have a thick pile, meaning that the fibers are sewn close together. Then, precisely, these fibers are looped onto the backing. Cut pile styles are created by cutting these loops at the tips. Short loop pile carpeting is easiest to clean since dirt remains close to the surface. This carpet style is often chosen for basements.

Pet-proof brands

Pet-friendly households require carpeting that is highly resistant to stains. If you're a pet owner, you can't go wrong if you opt for a specifically designed brand for your needs. Most importantly, this type of carpeting is easy to clean. As you might guess, a pet-proof floor covering works well in high traffic areas, too. Mohawk SmartStrand is a superior brand.

DJ Floors & Remodeling installs all types of carpeting. Each project begins with a free flooring estimate. Our installer will dispose of your existing carpet and pad before installing your new carpeting. We serve Washington, D.C., and an area in Maryland that includes Ellicott City, Columbia, and Potomac. We invite you to begin your carpet upgrade by visiting our showroom in Elkridge.