You will learn much about textures as you shop for the perfect carpeting. So if you're unsure about this topic or need more information, now is a great time to get it.

The texture can cater to both visual appeal and durability. And you'll love the results you find, so take time to learn more about your choices.

What is carpet texture?

Carpet texture is how the flooring feels and looks, stated. Some surfaces are soft and plush, with long, twisted fibers for incredible softness.

Other textures are much shorter, with dense, tight twists, for easier cleaning. These floor covering options are often the most durable ones.

Cut and loop pile carpets: the difference

Loop pile carpet offers fibers that go through the carpet backing but aren't sheared. Instead, the cut pile carpet gets sheared, leaving the tops of the fibers exposed and visible.

These two textures create a wealth of styles you can use throughout your home. For instance, Berber is often a loop pile product, while Frieze gets sheared for more softness.

How to pick a texture for your home

If you have pets, we recommend a cut pile rather than a loop pile floor covering. This is because the loops can often catch your pet's nails and pull fibers out.

As you see more of the textures for yourself, you'll find a perfect match for your decor and lifestyle. Be sure to ask our associates if you have further questions.

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