Finding the perfect carpet for your home

There are so many reasons to choose carpet for your home that it's hard to think of any other option. It's welcoming, warm, elegant and often ageless. However, finding the perfect carpet is another story. It often takes a bit of research and homework to find the one that will complement your home best.

Loop or pile carpet

Pile is the yarn that forms the carpet itself. When it is cut, it's known as “cut pile”, but if it's left looped, the way it is sewn through the backing, it is called “loop pile”. There can even be combinations of both cut and loop pile in the same carpet, appropriately known as “cut and loop pile”. It's much easier to see the difference between all of these when you look through samples in person.

Samples also help you develop a feel for the different available pile heights. For instance, you'll notice quickly that deeper piles feel more lush, but shorter is much easier to maintain.

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Benefits of carpet

With carpet, it's easy to create your own atmosphere for your personal space. It can do what many other flooring options cannot. Just look at a few of those benefits:
  • It's warmer to the touch and softer underfoot.
  • It prevents slipping and cushions falls.
  • It reduces noise levels between rooms.
  • It can reduce costs associated with heating and air conditioning since it is a natural insulation.
  • It traps much of the dust and pollen as well as other air particles than can make our allergies worse.
  • It's a great decorating element, thanks to all the colors, patterns and textures.
  • It's often an affordable flooring option.

Carpet installation is not a DIY job

Area rugs are a cinch to lay down and it's most often a one person job. However, wall-to-wall carpeting is another story all together. Not only does the padding have to be laid first, but there are other particulars to think about as well. Seams, for instance, are sometimes hard to manage. All seams show in some form or another, with some carpets disguising them more than others. There is also a certain amount of stretching that has to be done in order to make sure the carpet doesn't eventually bunch up in spots.

By the time you go out and purchase all the specialty tools needed to install your own carpet, you've doubled what you would have otherwise spent. When it comes to carpet, it's definitely more beneficial to leave it to the pros.
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