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Once you purchase your carpet, we will contact you within a few days to set up an appointment to conduct a professional measurement of the area to be carpeted. The measurement information is used by DJ Floors to cut your carpet and prepare it for installation. The installer picks up the carpet from our warehouse, delivers it to your location, removes and disposes of your existing carpet and pad (if any) and installs your new carpet on the agreed upon day and time.

If you wish to purchase carpet or padding without installation, you are welcome to do so.

Benefits of carpet flooring

There are several benefits of installing carpet flooring for your home or office:
  • Carpets are strong and durable enough to handle foot traffic and they also resist different types of spills.
  • Carpets are soft to touch with your feet. There are different types of fiber, weaving, and backing technology used to make the best carpets for homes.
  • Carpets softens slips and falls which minimizes injuries that can happen when a person falls. This feature provides more safety for any home or office. Carpet offers the best materials to soften falls.
  • Carpets reduce different types of noise caused by items that you may own such as big screen TVs, speaker phones, computers, and many other types of devices that come with loud speakers. Carpet helps to absorb the sounds coming from these devices to a certain degree.
  • Carpet flooring is very important for people who are in need of the benefits that carpets provide. With a new carpet installation, you can express your creativity and style with the help of our experts in the DMV area. For all of your carpet needs, call us right away for the best deals on carpet sales installation.



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